Tuesday, May 31, 2011

UOI Interview With Ms. Gamage

Can you describe some things that you did well, and some things that you could have done better during the project?

I put every effort of mine, so that I can finish my task on time. After I finished my task I rarely looked at it again. The task that was finished looked ok. To make it better I just needed to spend more time on thinking and take a closer look at my task again. Usually by doing this steps I might be able to come with new good and sometime extraordinary work. I choose this question because I really like it when people know how much hard work that I put and appreciate it. This question specifically allowed me to show my hard work. This question had also made me think of sort of evaluation that I should make to improve for the future use.

Was this topic easier or harder than you expected?

This topic was harder than I expected because badminton is hard to describe in words, they must be experienced. To be able to teach them with written work I must be able to write a few different techniques, to do make it better I might have to take over a hundred pictures and apply every experience that I have in badminton and those things would take ages. I didn’t find much when I did an Internet search about playing techniques . The only thing that I could find was the definition of badminton. I then make this information into a summary, but those things just showed them what you must pay (Hard work) and what things that they had to master in badminton. As I know badminton is never an end, they would stop at nowhere even though you have become the champion of the world.

Why did I choose this question?
This is what I am feeling when I did this project. This questions allowed me to tell more information about what I  understand about badminton after practicing for many years. Part of it is also because it shows how hard I practice until I find out all these information.

If you were to give a lesson to other students about the best way to learn and to show learning, what would you tell them?

According to what I have known, students needed to suit their own personal practice that they think are useful and it has to be done consistently. So the best way that I could think is to give them different techniques according to my own experiences and tell them what needs to be done first and last. This last question is to be a conclusion to the other questions that I choose. This also shows one of the definitions of what I thought is badminton.

How will I prepare my answers for the interview- how do I think I will do predict a grade?

After preparing the question and answer that I need to be interviewed. The rest would be very easy. I just need to do sort of introduction about what is badminton and remember the answer of the question.

I have to make sure that I am fully prepared for the question that they are going to ask for Friday later, so that I wouldn’t stumble around. 

Sunday, May 22, 2011

Interview Survey To Have New Ideas


Ms. Dianne
Jae Jun
In your opinion what is the best way to introduce people to badminton?

Making movie
Slide presentation
Making movie
If you were to choose a racket brand which one would you choose?

I don’t know
What is the best way to find information about my topic (how to introduce people to badminton)

I don’t know
What is the best way to find information about my topic (How to introduce people to badminton

Internet search and interviewing
Interviewing your teachers and friends
What kind of question could I put and explain to show my understanding of my topic?

About the skills
What Strategies can I use to make me a better badminton player?
Can I master badminton during vacation
Is there any suggestive websites that you would like to share?

Not yet
I’m not sure about it but I hope you can find your answer in goggle
Can you list one motto or motivational words that connects against sport or success?

Never give up
Just do it – Nike
What types of game that you like the most in badminton?
Mix Double

Unit of Inquiry

Week 1 Introduction-April 5th- 8thTeacher Notes
Completed Task Surveys of Learning Styles and Personal Interests posted onto blog page. Well done Fransisca I enjoyed reading your blog
To Do List I had to think about my topic and finally decided to choose “How to introduce people to Badminton?” as my topic question. A good question

Week 2 Getting Started-April 11th- 15thTeacher Notes
Activities•   Review Criterion
•   Introduce Bloom’s Taxonomy (Very briefly)
•   Introduce Areas of Interactions
•   Re-evaluate- Topic
Well done Fransisca
Standard and Criterion Met Criterion A,B and C
Completed Task Blooms Taxonomy activity and posted onto blog page.
Wrote a Guiding question and selected an AOI to match my question.
Well Done Fransisca
To Do List

Criterion, Objectives and Skills
Criterion A
I will ask questions during discussion to show interest in the topic. I will prepare questions before the discussion starts.
Criterion B-correctly use a range of vocabulary correctly
Through discussions, I will use correct grammar, show good understanding, use good intonation and clear punctuation to show deep knowledge understanding of my topic to my audience.
Criterion C- use a format and structure appropriate to the task to organize the work
I will show my understanding of the topic using different media e.g. Keynote, Imovie, word document (procedural essay, recipe, lesson plan, information sheet, advertisement, magazine article) that supports the main ideas related to my topic.
Criterion D-correctly use a range of vocabulary
Through writing, I will select vocabulary and use grammar correctly in a way that supports my understanding of the topic in different written
formats. I will carefully edit all my written work for correct spelling so that my message is clear to the audience

Criterion E-draw conclusions
Read non- fiction texts (e.g. Online articles, websites, books) to demonstrate  my understanding of the topic through written summaries containing the main ideas and the supporting detail.

Week 3: Knowledge- April 18th- 22nd
Teacher Notes
Activities•  I found an article on Badminton.
•   I summarised the article
•   I post it on my blog page
I enjoyed reading your summary.
Standard and Criterion MetHere I wrote a post about making badminton and I used new Vocabulary like the word This is an example of criterion C Excellent post
Completed Task - Research and summarize article
-posted a blog entry
completed the matrix for Week 3.
Great work
Resourceshttp://www.badminton-information.com/index.html Good
To Do ListI had find a article and summarized it. This article will be part of the topic when I do my slide presentation. Well done.

Week 4- Comprehension: April 25th- 29thTeacher Notes
Standard and Criterion MetA,B,C,DGood
Completed Task - Planning for my topic
- Conducted a survey on my topic
- Made a graph from the survey
-Recorded my summary (Some words from my own experience were also added.
Excellent keep up the great work.
ResourcesDidn't use any resources, I only used thinking and my own experience. Clever
To Do List I have decided to make a slide presentation, and choose the content. I had also did survey to all my class and make a table.

Sunday, May 8, 2011

Reflection On Weeks 1-5

On week one to five I  choose to research and survey my topic- Badminton. I decided what I will do to show my understanding of the topic. To make sure I kept up with the time I have to table to write down what I have done every week and post it on my blog.

My topic is "How to introduce people to badminton." Before I start with anything else, I would like to tell you why I choose this topic. As you all know I am a professional badminton athlete, I've been playing for over 5 years. Therefore, I will use my five years experience and do some more reading about my topic.

I decided to do a slide presentation for my topic. In that slide presentation I will include all the information, a voice over, my own experience and survey.

I posted what I have done every week, for this project, I think I worked quite effectively, I finished all my jobs and steps that are given by my ESL teacher (Ms Dianne)

In the following weeks,  you would be able to listen to the voice over and for the next four or five weeks you will be able to see my slide presentation when you visit my blog page so look out! Please feel very welcome to post comments and tell me what you think about my posts and what you have learnt about badminton. 

Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Planning for my Topic

1. Article “Introduction of badminton

Summary Article

      3.     With my own skill, describe what is badminton.

-       What is badminton?
-       Materials to play badminton
-       Types of games is badminton
-       How long does it took to master badminton?
-       The use of badminton?
-       Advantage and Disadvantage
-       Other sports can help badminton
-       End with motto and motivating words
5. Reflection on my Topic

Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Bloom Vocabulary/ Comprehension

Useful Verbs
Word Meaning

- Describing in more detail
- Make problems clearer

- Explain the meaning of something

Lines that enclosing or indicating the shape

Discussed, talk and make some thing clearer

Recognize and treat someone or something differently

Estimate what will happen in the future

state again in different ways

Express something in another language

Differentiate one thing to another thing